Everything has an ending, almost

Everything has to come to an end. The association who was in charge of this site will close by end of this year.

New Power Linux Community Site Hosted by IBM

New Power Linux oriented community site hosted by IBM - "Think Power Linux". Please come, join and contribute.

CRUX PPC 2.7a, bugfix release

CRUX PPC 2.7a is available. It's mainly a bugfix release altought it, now, has a partial support for Acube Sam460ex (vga on SM502).

Issues fixed:

Power Linux gcc performance getting better all the time.

A blog posting talking about the release of IBM's Open Source Advance Toolchain V4.0 for POWER Systems on IBM's new developer group site - see here

CRUX PPC 2.7 released - GNU/Linux for Power Architecture

CRUX PPC 2.7 is now available.

CRUX PPC is a port of CRUX for the Power Architecture® platform. It’s a GNU system with a Linux kernel and runs on Apple NewWorld (both 32 and 64bit) PowerPC, YDL Powerstation, Genesi PegasosII and EFIKA, ACube Sam440ep, IBM Intellistation POWER workstations and IBM Power Systems servers. CRUX PPC includes support for laptop-specific features, extended hardware support and server tools.

G4 Macs and Xorg

There are some PowerMacs that still have good support on Ubuntu and debian. And there are some models that don't work well or barely. An eMac G4 1.25 GHz hasn't worked with Ubuntu 9.04. And the iMac G4 800MHz neither with Ubuntu 10.10 nor with debian 6 (squeeze) rc1. A solution.

The Cloud: Things we have since 30 years

The Death of the Desktop (a video panel discussion) with Marcel Gagné. There are a lot of good information about the cloud and the risks. Don't miss it.

LWN on PowerPC Distributions

The esteemed Linux Weekly News has posted an article about the state
of Linux distributions on PowerPC systems. They start by recapping the

Wind River Linux for New LSI PowerPC SoCs

LSI and Wind River have announced a "multi-year strategic partnership" for Wind River Linux on LSI's Axxia Communication Processors (ACP) product line. The ACP

CRUX PPC IcedTea Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) and OpenOffice suite update available as pre-compiled archive

CRUX PPC 2.6 ports and pre-compiled for the IcedTea Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) and OpenOffice suite are now updated. They are available for ppc and ppc64.

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